Beneath His Cross

We are a Lay Apostolate of men and women who love our priests through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. We stand with Our Lady beneath the Cross of Jesus, in prayer, sacrifice and in reparation for our priests

Spiritual Motherhood Booklet

In 2007 the Congregation for the Clergy put out a beautiful 40 page booklet: Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity

Free PDF (2007 edition) available on link below.  For hard copies of the 2012 edition they can be ordered from:

Roman Catholic Books Phone: (970) 490-2735

Father John A. Hardon SJ

Excerpt from, "The Apostolate of Women" by Father John A. Hardon SJ


"...If all we are saying has been the story of Christianity for 1,900 years, the need for women to preserve the Church and sanctify the Church is desperately needed today. In my estimation, one of the worst consequences of the limitations of births is the fact that literally millions of potential members of the Mystical Body are either not conceived, or snuffed out of existence before they are born. In the same way, the widespread neglect of their role as mothers in the home by so many women, has deprived other millions of children of the nurture in the faith from infancy through childhood and into adult age. In the same way, the massive exodus from our parochial schools of once dedicated religious women has left a spiritual vacuum that is crying to heaven to be filled. But we should not be discouraged. On the contrary, I am confident that the Holy Spirit is sending down His gifts of fiery tongues on the Church today — and with emphasis on the women. He is inspiring them to follow in Mary's footsteps and do for the beleaguered faithful in our day what she did for the infant Church in her day. Time and again our Holy Father has appealed to the faithful women as they stand beneath Christ's bleeding Mystical Body to carry on Mary's role as Mother of the Church in our time. This is a strong statement, but I firmly believe that no small reason for the crisis in the Church today is due to the neglect of this spiritual motherhood by women in every state of life..."