Beneath His Cross

We are a Lay Apostolate of men and women who love our priests through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. We stand with Our Lady beneath the Cross of Jesus in prayer, sacrifice and reparation for our priests.

The Apostolate of Prayer

"…This is why the apostolate of prayer is not only the most beautiful and holy of apostolates, but also the most indispensable one to the Church, which has a still greater need of souls of prayer than of preachers, of men of penance than of men of eloquence…souls who by their persistent prayer unlock the treasures of grace closed by general indifference; true adorers, that is, souls full of zeal and sacrifice. When a great number of these shall have gathered around their divine Chief, God will be glorified and Jesus loved. The nations will return to Christianity, won back to Jesus by the apostleship of Eucharistic prayer…”

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

"...That is why making the Way of the Cross – and I am now recommending the Stations of the Cross to others – I consider a most effective way of praying for priests..."

Servant of God, Father John Hardon, SJ 

The soul that loves the Holy Eucharist

"The soul that loves the Eucharist must likewise attend to the interests of this adorable Sacrament. The first of these interests, the one most dear to Jesus, is the priesthood. Through the priests, the Blessed Sacrament is given us, comes into us; through them, Jesus receives the sacramental life which He consecrates to the glory of His father; through them, He is glorified more than He has given them all His rights, all His power. If we love the Eucharist, if we wish to see it served, preached, adored by all, let us without ceasing ask Jesus through Mary for holy priests, apostolic laborers, faithful adorers; on such do the glory of the Blessed Sacrament and the salvation of the world depend."

- Excerpt from, "In the Light of the Monstrance" Saint Peter Julian Eymard.

Servant of God Father John A. Hardon SJ

Excerpt from, "The Value of Prayer and Sacrifice for Priests":


"...What grace does a priest most need? There is no doubt in my mind that the one grace that the priest most needs is to embrace the Cross. His union with Christ Crucified is the priest’s key to an effective priesthood. His power as a priest comes from the Cross as he identifies himself with the Crucified Lord. What are we saying? We are saying that a priest must be willing and able to have happen to him what happened to his Master in Palestine. As I've told so many priests and by now have so often told myself, I am only as much a priest and genuinely priestly as I am ready and willing, like Jesus Christ, to suffer for souls..."


What is Prayer?

Saint Peter Julian Eymard on Prayer

In The Light of the Monstrance

Pages 108-114

Prayer is the soul’s life. 

What else is prayer but holiness in action? 

Because of the great importance of prayer, the most violent temptations are directed against it. The devil dreads prayer so much that he is ready to let us do all the good works possible if he can stop us from praying or at least spoil our prayer. We must, therefore, be always on the watch and keep up the spirit of prayer. We must make of prayer the first of our duties. 

If your soul does not pray, if you do not fix your intention on God when you pray vocally, your words avail nothing: it is the intention, the heart that gives them their power. 

Saints are born of prayer – the first indication of their holiness – the soul that prays will reach holiness 

One that does not pray shall never become a saint. 

The Pharisees are an instance of this: they labored much, but their works did not pray. 

Let us pray, therefore, and love prayer, and intensify our spirit of prayer from day to day. If you do not pray, you are on the road to perdition; and if God abandons you, the reason is that you do not pray. You are like a drowning man who refuses the lifeline thrown him to save him from death. There is nothing else to be done; he is lost. 

Oh! I repeat it to you: leave everything, but never leave prayer. It alone will bring you back to God however far you may have strayed from Him; yes, prayer alone can do it.