Beneath His Cross

We are a Lay Apostolate of men and women who love our priests through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. We stand with Our Lady beneath the Cross of Jesus in prayer, sacrifice and reparation for our priests.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard Spirituality 

Reverence in Church

Reverence in church, especially in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, must be also our chief exterior virtue. This respect is the solemn profession of our faith and, at the same time, a grace of piety and fervor; for God punishes irreverences committed in His sanctuary with a weakening of faith and a withdrawal of graces of devotion. Let us therefore, be very severe on the matter of reverence in worship. Let our bearing be dignified, our attitude religious; let us observe a strict silence, an absolute recollection of the senses. In church our attention must be for Jesus Christ only; friends must be as if they were not. Jesus is everything; the attention of the court centers on the king; he is the only one honored. At the sight of this profound and religious reverence, the worldly-minded will at least be forced to say: “There is something great here!” The weak, the lukewarm will be ashamed of their tepidity and will pay due homage to Jesus Christ; god example is the royal lesson of wisdom and the most fruitful apostolate.

Excerpt taken from, “In the Light of the Monstrance” volume 9, pages 121-122


“...If we wish to become saints, we must become interior souls. We are obliged thereto by our vocation as adorers. Without this interior spirit, how can we pray? If in the presence of our Lord we cannot spend a single instant without a book, if we have nothing o say to Him from our own heart, what are we going to do at adoration? Must we always borrow the thoughts and words of strangers? No, no! Let us strive to become recollected, interior souls. No one can be this in the way that Jesus and Mary were; but every one can become recollected in the degree given him by grace. Without the interior life, we shall never receive any consolation, encouragement in prayer; we shall only be unhappy at the feet of our Lord. If we wish to become true adorers, we must have this interior spirit. We should talk to our Lord when kneeling in His presence, ask Him questions, await His reply: we should enjoy God’s presence. We should be happy in His company, happy in His service; we should take pleasure in His familiarity, so sweet, so encouraging But to discover the Heart of Jesus we must be interior. After all what does it mean to be interior? It means to love, to converse, to live with Jesus. But Jesus does not make Himself heard by bodily ears, nor seen with bodily eyes; He speaks only to the recollected soul. He is wholly interior in the Blessed Sacrament: He no longer enters into the heart through the sight, as during His mortal life; He now enters the soul direct, and speaks to it alone. When the soul does not expand in His presence it is because He does not act upon it-there is some obstacle in His path...Oh, may that Blessed Mother, our perfect exemplar of the interior life, make us live, as she did in Jesus! May we like her, remain always in Him and never leave Him!”

Excerpt taken from, “Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament” volume 7, pages 55-56

Institution of the Holy Eucharist

The time for the institution of the august Sacrament had come. What a moment! The hour of love had struck. The Mosaic Pasch was about to be consummated, the true Lamb to take the place of its figure in the Old Law, and the Bread of Life, the Bread from heaven, to be substituted to the manna of the wilderness. Jesus sat down at table with a grave simplicity. They had to eat the new Pasch sitting down, in the repose of God. A deep silence came over them all; the Apostles looked on very attentively. Jesus became meditative. He took some bread in His holy and venerable hands, raised His eyes to heaven, gave thanks to His Father for this hour He had so desired, stretched out His hand, blessed the bread… And while the Apostles, filled with respect, dared not ask the meaning of symbols so mysterious, Jesus pronounced these beautiful words as powerful as the creative word of God: Take ye and eat. This is My Body….Drink ye all of This. This is My Blood. The mystery of love was consummated. Jesus had fulfilled His promise. He had nothing more to give but His mortal life upon the Cross. He would give it and would rise again to be our perpetual Host of propitiation, the Host of our Communion, the Host of our adoration. Heaven was enraptured at the sight of this mystery. The Most Holy Trinity contemplated it with love. The angels, struck with awe, adored it. And with what a frantic rage were not the demons seized in hell! Yes, Lord Jesus, all is consummated! Thou hast now nothing more to give man to prove him Thy love. Alas! If the love of Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament does not win our hearts, Jesus is vanquished! Our ingratitude is greater than His goodness; our malice is more powerful than His charity! Oh! No, my good Savior, Thy charity presses me, torments me, binds me! I want to devote myself to the service and glory of Thy Sacrament. By dint of love I want to make Thee forget that up to this day I have been so ungrateful; by dint of devotedness I want to obtain forgiveness for having loved Thee so late!...

Excerpt taken from, “The Real Presence” volume 1, pages 29-31


“Without Mary, we shall never find Jesus, for she possesses Him in her heart. There He takes His delight, and those who wish to know His inmost virtues, to experience the privilege of His intimate love, must seek these in Mary. They who love that good Mother find Jesus in her pure heart. We must never separate Jesus from Mary; we can go to Him only through her.”

Excerpt taken from, “Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament” volume 7, page 2